Participants are flexible regarding their housing situation. Past housing options have included:

  • Apartments
  • Shared houses
  • Long term motel rentals
  • Rooms in private homes
  • Hostels

You don’t have to provide housing but it would be helpful if you could work with us in FINDING homes for your international staff.

If assisting, consider these tips:

• Get to know the local realtors and/or housing owners
• Check “for rent” sections on Craigslist or local newspapers and send leads by email
• Send links to local housing search websites
• Rent housing and sublet it to your participants or hire a third party to run it for you
• Decide if you want to require that participants live in the housing you have arranged
• Make sure all costs are clearly communicated
• Be clear and specific about what is and is not provided/included in rent
• Consider a housing agreement outlining expectations and rules
• Decide whether you want to collect a security deposit from your participants upon arrival
• Decide how much rent you will need to charge in order to cover your costs
• Decide how you will collect rent payments—payroll deduction can be a good option (you must have participant consent)

Transportation to Work

You can assist and advise your participants on the best, cheapest, and safest ways to get around locally.

Some employers may need to provide transportation in order for their participants to be able to get to and from work. Ideas include renting or purchasing bicycles or arranging employee carpools. Operating shuttle buses or van pickups are great for larger groups.