What are the advantages?

  • You pay no fees.
  • Save a few dollars on your payroll because J-1 visa workers are not subject to Medicare, Social Security or Unemployment tax.
  • All participants arrive with prepaid health insurance for the duration of their stay.
  • Each will have legal documentation to work in the US.
  • Temporary workers won’t file for unemployment.
  • The program can help you fully meet your seasonal staffing needs. Losing out on business because you can’t find enough help will be a worry of the past.
  • International students are often able and willing to work a longer season than their US counterparts. Participants can arrive in early June and stay to October, long after most US college students have returned to school. Stagger the start dates and get greater staffing coverage.
  • All participants are evaluated for their English-speaking ability.
  • Our participants are highly dedicated to their program and in turn their employers. The chance to work in the United States is often a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for these participants.
  • We provide support service to both you and participants alike. You may access our Support Team at any time before, during, and after your students’ stay for any assistance you might need.